Websites are the core of the webserver. Each website comes with a plethora of configurable attributes. The websites node in the Fortitude HTTP management console is a good place to start to get an overview of your websites and add/edit/delete them at will.


The websites dialog can be opened by double-clicking on the websites node in the management console tree. From here you can add/edit/delete sites.

Websites - Item

This is the first step to adding a new website. You'll need to provide only basic information such as site name, root and socket pool. Additional configuration is performed elsewhere in the website settings after creation.

Setting Description
Website name The website name is used solely for the purposes of administrator identification.
Root Specifies where the website content resides on the file-system. This can be a local or UNC path.
Socket Pool Defines the socket pool which is how the website derives its port and IP address bindings. See also: Socket Pools.
Host Names Optionally defines which host names the website will respond to. Each request made by modern web-browsers includes a “host header” which identifies which domain the user is requesting. In this way, multiple websites can share a single socket pool and therefor share a single IP address and listen port. See also: Socket Pools.

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