Fortitude HTTP is a powerful Web Server from NetworkDLS which is designed to be fast and reliable with a strong focus on streamlined simplicity.

For downloads and updates, please visit Fortitude HTTP page at

While development began in June of the year 2000, the server has endured four nearly entire rewrites in order to keep up with the changing landscape in modern internet architecture. As of the latest release, the web-server is semi-full-featured, lacking only advanced features such as HTTP authentication, SAPI and SSL - each of which is in planned implementation.

It is also worth noting that Fortitude HTTP is fully open sourced and all of its components are freely available via with complete source code under an unencumbered LGPL v3 license, thus making Fortitude HTTP the ideal web server for bundled distribution with products which require a local web server.

You can even contribute by submitting your own patches to the SVN project or contacting us directly.

Fortitude is the ability to confront risk, danger, uncertainty, and intimidation. This is the server we strive to perfect!