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Mime types are the at the core of every webserver which aims to deliver data to a large audience as mime types are used to inform the requesting peer how to handle the server response. For instance, when a web-browser submits a request for a .html file - the server will search the mime types configuration for the mime-type string associated with the .html file type and will include "text/html" (by default) in the response. The client application then knows that the returned information is to be parsed as HTLM as opposed to (for instance) played in an audio/video application.

Mime Types

Allows the server administrator to add, edit, delete and reorder website mime types.

Mime Types - Item

Setting Description
File extension Specifies the type which is to be matched to a peer's request.
Mime type Specifies the mime type string which should be returned to the requesting peer. Should be specified in the form type/subtype.

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