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Scripting engines (such as PHP, Perl and Python, etc.) are powerful methods to create rich and dynamic content. There are many to choose from and can be used to vastly extend the server's capabilities beyond serving static content or to support mainstream applications/portals.


Allows the server administrator to add, edit, delete and reorder website scripting engines.

Engines - Item

Setting Description
File extension The extension which should be interpreted by a scripting enigne (such as .PHP) instead of directly delivered .
Success code The expected success code of the scripting engine.
Use success code Defines whether the presents of a code other than the defined success code should return an error to the peer.
Script engine executable Defines the executable scriping engine which should parse the requested script.
Parameters Specifies the commend line which should be passed to the scripting engine.
Parameter Description
%% Places a literal percent sign into the command line.
%0 The full path and file name of the script engine being executed.
%1 The full path and file name of the script being executed.
%2 The file name of the script being executed.
%3 The directory context in which the scripting engine is executing.

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