Fortitude HTTP's features set is ever growing and contains hundreds of in-depth, behind the scenes features and a growing number of user defined features. This list aims to be but is by no means comprehensive.

Additional proprietary SSI 
CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and Execution folders 
Configurable IP binding 
Connection limiting 
Connection pooling 
Content caching 
Custom Filters 
Customizable error code response 
Customizable Keep-alive 
Customizable Mime Types 
data stream modification support 
Default pages / documents 
Directory indexing 
Dynamic (non-cacheable) compression support 
Extended SSI 
File Extension scanning and filtering 
File Extension scanning and filtering 
HTTP 1.1 Resume and content Ranges 
HTTP compression 
IP based filtering 
Log caching 
Multiple Sites 
NT/AD impersonation 
Port Sharing 
Query Scanning and filtering 
Recursive SSI 
Resource pooling 
Scripting engine driven error pages 
Scripting engine return code enforcement 
Scripting Engines 
Scripting timouts 
Send/receive buffering 
SSI (Server Side Includes) 
URL Scanning and filtering 
Virtual Directories 
Virtual Roots 
XML back-end 

Fortitude is the ability to confront risk, danger, uncertainty, and intimidation. This is the server we strive to perfect!